Welcome to my little corner of the Internet, where I share and meditate on my experiences in the world of kink as The Handyman…

A little bit about me: I am a 36 year old gay man, currently living in Berlin. I have been involved with BDSM since I became sexually active, but it was about 10 years ago that I discovered my real passion: male anal fisting. I began experimenting very gradually. For better or for worse, I am very cautious when trying new things. I had the good fortune of meeting a very experienced versatile fister, who was just the perfect teacher, being able to explain things from both perspective while also serving as someone to practice on. (I’ve heard “you can’t be a good fist top if you don’t bottom” many times. Sorry, I still think my way of learning was ideal.) After I became confident I played a lot in my late twenties, when I was still living in NYC. I hadn’t really started attending clubs, parties etc. when living in the US (partly because of my work, partly because of body image issues and other personal inhibitions). That happened much later, when I wasn’t teaching any more. These days I tend to play more in clubs and parties (in Berlin), but hopefully I will have a good playroom setup to entertain in within the year.

What guys I like: I have a pretty broad range in interests in men as well as in kink… Age, size, ethnicity, gym attendance, and experience level are not dealbreakers, as much as attitude. I prefer aggressive, greedy, eager bottoms to pillow princesses. I enjoy training beginners as much as playing with veteran fist pigs. Tattoos, piercings, facial hair are hot but not required. Nerdy is sexy. Bears, puppies, pigs, otters, bulls, and other fauna bring out the animal in me. Gear looks hot but it mostly gets in the way. Especially in clubs, I’ll give pretty much anyone a first try, so don’t be afraid to ask. And do ask, I generally do not make the first move and focus on guys I already know.

Where you might find me: I regularly attend fisting nights at Böse Buben and the monthly Fausthaus party at Lab.Oratory in Berghain. I’m also increasingly at Qualgeist, by far my favorite venue in Berlin – I do recommend you visit one time before they have to move spaces at the end of the year. It is the perfect place to try out new things. Generally it’s advisable to show up with someone you plan to play with, but the members are very welcoming to newcomers.

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