This is just a quick announcement to let you guys know I agreed to host the Berlin International (ie English language) Fetish Munch this coming Friday. This is a weekly social gathering for Berlin pervs – not a play party – at varying locations, and it gets a really good turn out, sometimes more than sixty people. I’ve been attending since I first moved to Berlin almost a year ago. It’s a very diverse, vibrant crowd, and if you are new to the city or just in a cosmopolitan mood I highly recommend it. It’s also fairly early on a Friday so a good place to start the night, and you’re likely to meet some people who are going out later if you haven’t decided what to do yet.

The munch meets at different locations around Berlin each Friday, which makes it another great reason to join us, as you get to check out different neighbourhoods. This week we will be meeting at Lori in Kreuzberg, conveniently located right by Gorlitzer Bahnhof, on the U1 line. It is one of our regular locations, a very cozy cafe/restaurant/cocktail bar, with a mix of sofas and tables.

We mostly use FetLife to organise and it really does help us if you give us an indication that you are coming. Looking forward to meeting you there!