I’ve noticed a few discussions in the last few days around the interwebs about plans for Folsom (Europe) this year, and I thought I would put together a quick list for visitors who might not know the “fisting facilities” in Berlin yet. Note that these are only the public parties, in BDSM clubs, cruising bars, or sex clubs. Of course there are many private parties going on as well. So, here it goes:

Böse Buben
Sachsendamm 76 – 77
10829 Berlin Schöneberg

Fisting parties on Tuesday, September 4th, at 19:00 and Friday, September 7th, starting at 20:00 and lasting well into Saturday morning. Note that there is no fisting event on Thursday, which is when their weekly FF parties normally are. This is the most regular location for fisting in Berlin – at least two fisting nights every single week of the year, their most frequent offering. They provide gloves and towels (not lube) and they clean the space throughout the night.


Quälgeist Berlin
Lankwitzer Straße 42/43
12107 Berlin

Wednesday, September 5th, starting at 22:00. This is arguably Berlin’s best equipped BDSM club. They are at a new location since the start of the year, and this will be the first fisting party there. The fisting parties at the old location were always great successes. The new location is a bit harder to reach but it is definitely worth the effort.  You will definitely find people to share a taxi back to Schöneberg with at the end of the night.


Club Culture Houze
Görlitzerstraße 71
10997 Berlin

Friday, September 6th, starting at 20:00. This is actually a weekly event, but it’s much better attended during the high holidays of Folsom and Easter. It’s a small swingers’ club, that does a couple of mens’ nights a week. It’s very intimate – and voyueristic.


Unfortunately, the parties at Reizbar are no longer a thing, and the Lab doesn’t a fist night during Folsom. Having said that, there’s never a shortage of fisting action there, and the rubber party on Saturday in particular is always full of eager rubber piggies. After all, this is Berlin – fisting tends to happen pretty much anywhere, but this is a list of dedicated parties to get you started.

If I have missed anything, please let me know in the comments!