Hello and welcome! In this first post I want to lay down a plan for the immediate future, in terms of updates and blog posts. This is as much for myself as for you readers. Obviously I welcome any feedback on what you would be interested in seeing on this blog, and how I can be of assistance to you while you pursue your assplay goals.

For the sake of clarity I’ll divide these plans into a few categories; one time blog posts, ongoing blogging, and general updates to the website I want to make that are not blog posts.

One-time posts:

  1. Venue reviews: I would like to start by introducing the play/party spaces I frequent in Berlin (and possibly Le Keller in Paris). That way you’ll know where to find me. I’d like to make these as descriptive and objective as possible – not critiques.
  2. Shops (both brick’nmortar and online) that I regularly use for supplies, toys, gear, etc. Again, the goal is to be descriptive, not negative.
  3. Other websites that I find useful – and you might too. I might do this in a single post.
  4. Personal history: How I got into this, how I got good at this, and what you can learn from it.

Ongoing blogging:

  1. Personal “diary” – yes, I will be sharing the dirty details of my going ons, achievements, milestones, etc. I will be writing about events I am attending, travel plans, and so on.
  2. “New toy” reviews: Updates on my growing toy and gear collections.
  3. Answering questions: Yes, your questions go here.

General updates: Photo galleries, both personal and of my gear collections, a links page, possibly an FAQ page, etc.

Any other ideas? Anything you’d like to see?